Kitty Hawks Techno Club

The basic purpose of the clubs and other activities is to provide students with an opportunity to develop positive interests and to serve society. Robotics and Aviation are the focus of Kitty Hawk Techno Club.

This club is involved in encouraging the students to fly drones. Drones are meant for various applications such as aerial photography, mapping, surveying, security, science and research. The club provides a platform to invest in new technologies and an opportunity to learn how to fly drones.

Dr. Chandravadhana addressed the students and insisted them to think outside of the box. The principle of an aircraft was explained to the students through paper gliders. Later they were also introduced to CATIO software which is used to design aircraft.

The club has eminent resource persons who teach the basics of flying an aircraft, making glider models, modeling and simulation in AUTOCAD, drone principle and finally how to fly a drone. There are around 85 students who have registered for this club and they keep participating in the activities with great interest. In the final stage, target oriented competitions will be held for the students.

Kitty Hawks Techno Club Inauguration

  • Kitty Hawks Techno Club was opend by Ms. Chandravandhana.
  • Club was inaugurated and a short intrduction about the club was given to its members.
  • Students’ data were collected and refreshments were distributed.