Centers at Agni

These centers foster and support this very spirit of knowledge creation, insight and implementation. Member companies take the topic of their interest; the Center facilitates, participates and expands the thought leadership. enables student/faculty to undertake research projects useful to the society. Serving the community through extension, which is a social responsibility and a core value to be demonstrated by institute, is also a major aspect of this centre. We have 13 multidisciplinary Centers with respect to departments. These are as follows:

1Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technologies (CREST)EEE & All the Dept
2Centre of Drone Excellence (CODE)Mechatronics & Allied dept
3Building & Architecture Research Centre (BARC)Civil
4Business Intelligent & Data Analytics Centre (BIDAC)IT & CSE
5Centre for Automobile & Electric Vehicle (CAEV)EEE & Mechanical
6Software Development and Solution Centre (SDSC)CSE & IT
7Biomedical Research Centre (BRC)Biomedical
8Centre for Water and Waste management (CWWM)Civil & Chemical
9Centre for Advance Manufacturing Technologies (CAMT)Mechanical & Automation
10Center for Protein Extraction from Green Algae (CPEGA)Chemical
11Meridian School of Oil & Gas (MSOG)Chemical
12Centre for Environment Education (CEE)S & H and Allied Dept
13Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC)All the Dept
14Computer Aided Design Modelling and Analysis Centre (CADMAC)Mech/ Mech & Automation/ Mechatronics
15Centre for Innovation in Embedded and Robotics (CIER)ECE / EEE/ Mechatronics