Energy Club

Energy club is a unit of KALAM CENTRE FOR INNOVATION which is headed by Mrs.R.Sivasankari (AP/PHYSICS) & Mrs.K.Mahalakshmi (AP/EEE), This club provides the students with the knowledge about the alternate energy trends and information. The club is also supported by two other coordinators Mrs.S.Annapoorani and Mrs.S.Menaka of EEE department. The main purpose of this club is to create awareness about the power of solar energy, the importance of it in our lives, and its impact on the future of energy development. We explain and train the students to gain knowledge about the fundamentals of solar cells and its basic components.

The club also focuses on another alternate renewable resource like wind energy Through this program we can unleash the basics of renewable energy technologies, including how they work, what they’re used for, and how they can improve our lives, homes, businesses, and industries. As an initiative, we give simple projects to the students based on solar and wind energy and enable them to utilize those products in their daily lives. We also, Guide encourage the students to think innovatively and do projects in the field of solar and wind energy.

We believe this will lead to utilize the renewable energy to the core for the benefit of nation and every individual. The students can visit the website ( which is exclusively created for the energy club in the following website address for more information about the project ideas any time they need. Apart from this we meet the students every Monday for enriching their knowledge on the solar power by practical sessions like how to solder and extract output voltage from a solar cell. The students were taken to industrial visit on 17th Feb 2016 to Green Pearl Electronics Pvt Ltd. (A unit of SRM group) Katangulathur for an exposure in solar powered technology. Another visit to the roof top solar installation in Agni College of Technology is planned on 29th Feb 2016 and quiz program in solar technology is scheduled on 7th March 2016.

Energy Club is on Electricity and renewable resources. The coordinators Ms. Sivasankari, Head, Department of Physics and Ms. Mahalakshmi, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering explained the vision of the club to its members.

Club members were given hands on training in building a solar cell. Students were also introduced to solar panels installed over the roof top of the college.

Club members were taken to SRM University and Green Pearls Electronics Pvt. Ltd as industrial visit.

List of Projects

  • Solar Powered Walk Way
  • Thermo Electric Charger
  • Soalr Panels for Air Heating
  • Solar Powered Radio
  • Solar Powered Torch
  • Battery Charger
  • Thermo Electric Charger
  • Solar Powered Walkman
  • USB Charger
  • Solar Powered Motor

Energy Club Inauguration

  • Energy Club boomed with Energy and Optimism. Ms. Sivasankari inaugurated the session and then handled by Ms. Mahalakshmi.
  • Many questions related to renewable sources were answered and the importance of energy conservation was briefed to the members.