Science and Humanities

About The Department

The Department of Science and Humanities was established in 2001. It serves as a backbone for the Engineering departments by efficiently supporting and providing high quality training in basic sciences. Imparting in-depth knowledge on a wide range of subjects such as Chemistry, English, Mathematics, and Physics is the primary focus of the department

Department Of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 2001. The Department of Chemistry prosperous with resourceful, keen and highly skilled faculties. The department offers courses on the application of chemistry in engineering, with laboratory and research facilities, for B.E and B.Tech students. The lab is quite spacious and has sophisticated instruments, equipment, glassware and chemicals. It is well-equipped for the final year students to do research in their chosen field. The Chemistry laboratory is also well maintained with all safety measures and first aid kit.

The department organizes project training, implementation and field work in the following areas of Textile Water Treatment, Membrane Separation Process, Production of Natural Pesticides Adsorption Studies and Kinetics.

The department also helps students to conduct research, improve processes or materials, design & develop and maintain plants, and execute direct operations of industrial plants involving chemical methods.

Department Of English

The Department of English functions with efficient, dedicated and highly qualified faculty members. It has a modernized communication skills laboratory which functions to improve the listening, reading, speaking and vocabulary skills of the students. The laboratory is equipped with 30 systems, headsets, a server and a printer.

In addition to teaching Technical and Communicative English for the first year students, communication and soft skill classes are also conducted with the help of a structured curriculum to enhance Spoken English, and Presentation Skills for all the II, III and final year students.

Smart classroom is used for the students to view videos on Presentation Skills, Group Discussion, Soft Skills, Public Speaking and Mock Interviews. It is also used to record and replay presentations done by the students. The English Literary Club conducts various competitions like spell bee, extempore orations, poetry writing, slogan writing and skit. Specialized Training for IELTS, TOEFL, BEC, CELTA, TEFL and GRE are also offered to students who aspire to go abroad for higher education.

Department Of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was established in 2001, and over the years it has evolved into a department that serves as a center for Applied Mathematics. The department has 10 faculty members with 2 Doctorates to ensure the best education to all the students. The committed faculty members keep themselves abreast of the latest trends in mathematical applications by taking part in Workshops, Conferences and Symposiums conducted by various colleges and research institutions.

The Department offers strong Mathematical foundation to all the undergraduate and postgraduate courses of the college. Mathematics is considered to be the back bone of all engineering courses. The department also conducts bridge course to the students to enhance strong foundation in Mathematics. The faculty members help the slow learners by giving extra coaching after the regular working hours.

Department Of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in the year 2001, and it facilitates a vibrant academic atmosphere which enables independent research and free exchange of ideas and knowledge among the various Engineering departments in the institution. The department has excellent infrastructure with new and improved lab facilities to enhance the learning route among students. Conferences, workshops, seminars and guest lectures are regularly organized to develop students’ technical skills thereby offering investigational skills on the advancement in the respective fields. To link the gap between school and college, the department conducts bridge course aiming at the integrated betterment among students.

The faculty members of the department have mastery over all the phases of technical skills essential to guide the students on the various applications of physics in Engineering. The department has a well-established laboratory that enables students to understand the physics concept clearly and it enhances their instrument-handling skills. The departmental laboratory is equipped with instruments such as Ultrasonic Interferometer, Spectrometer, Travelling Microscope and Hall Effect Measurement System.