Policies for maintaining physical, academic and support facilities Estate Maintenance

The physical and support facilities maintenance team is headed by the Estate officer. The Supervisor is accountable to the Estate officer, who efficiently organizes the workforce, maintaining duty files containing details about their individual floor-wise responsibilities, timings, leave etc. The Estate officer conducts periodic checks to ensure the efficiency and working condition of the infrastructure.

Adequate in-house staff is employed to meticulously maintain hygiene, cleanliness and infrastructure on the campus so as to provide a congenial learning environment. Classrooms, staffrooms, seminar halls and laboratories, etc. are cleaned and maintained regularly by Non – teaching staff assigned for each floor. Wash rooms and rest rooms are well maintained. Dustbins are placed in every floor. The Green Cover of the campus is well maintained by full time gardeners.

Working condition of lift on the campus is ensured through Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

The Civil and Electrical work is adequately monitored and maintained by the Estate officer. Civil Maintenance team carry out the activities such as furniture repairs, masonry and plaster works, painting, carpentry, plumbing and house- keeping. AC maintenance is periodically done by AC technician.

Pest control of library books and records is done every year by the maintenance department.

Academic facilities maintenance

  • Laboratory Technicians / Laboratory in-charge in consultation with HoDs prepares a list of maintenance activities to be carried out.
  • List of equipment and facilities, which require regular maintenance is prepared by the concerned Lab in-charge or faculty members considering supplier recommendations for maintenance. Preventive/Breakdown maintenance is carried out internally or through Original Equipment Manufacturer/Supplier or approved agencies.
  • Concerned Lab in-charge maintains a list of approved service agencies along with the nature of services provided with the approval of the Principal.
  • Based on any specific problems in their service as experienced by Laboratory in-charge, the names of such service agencies are removed from the list in consultation with HODs/Principal.
  • Concerned Lab in-charge maintains a preventive maintenance schedule for equipment and utilities and accordingly maintenance is carried out and recorded.
  • A register is maintained for the maintenance activities and the spares replaced are recorded.
  • ITSS department maintains the College computers, CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi devices. The Campus maintenance is monitored through surveillance Cameras.