Our glorious Alumni are the reflection of our past, a representation of our present and the strongest link to our future! Each and every one of them are an inherent part of our identity and we are extremely proud of each and every Agnian out there!

Alumni Association Agni College of Technology (AAACT)

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Management Trustee’s Message

Mr. R N Jayaprakash

Let me take the pleasure of welcoming you to Agni College of Technology! I am very passionate on grooming young minds as I believe that they are the pillar of advancement for the nation and the biggest hope for the future. This institution was set up with an endeavour to promote high quality education to enhance and enrich young minds. Agni is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders across disciplines who make a positive difference in the world. The greatest strength of any institution is its people, and Agni is proud to have an excellent set of academicians, research scholars and Industry veterans.

Agni College, affiliated to Anna University features among the Top 15 engineering colleges in the State of Tamilnadu. Agni College of Technology is well known for its experiential learning and employability training as we provide around 780 hours, over a period of 4 years, for employability training alone. In addition to the Training and Placement Activities, we focus on R&D, Technological Innovations and Entrepreneurial Activities.

As a part of our Academic Journey, over the past 20 years, we identify the right talent among our prospective students, and hone them through our well-structured skill training modules provided by industry experts.

Agni College of Technology has set up over 15 Center of Excellence in collaboration with Industry majors to provide practical learning to all students. Eventually, Agni sculptures them into Socially Sensible Innovators, Technology-Business Entrepreneurs, Domain Experts and Corporate Leaders in their chosen field.

I seek full participation and cooperation from students and parents to make it possible for us to transform dreams to reality. In this regard, I am always open to receive feedback from you all for the betterment of this institution. Wishing you all an enlightening journey with Agni College of Technology!

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