Biomedical Engineering

About The Department

Biomedical Engineering is a discipline that serves as the link between the complexities of technology and medicine. Both these fields – technology and medicine are relentlessly evolving thereby emphasizing the ever-increasing demand for biomedical engineering.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering was established in the year 2014 offering a B.E degree in Biomedical Engineering. It also offers a Master of Engineering degree in Medical Electronics, since 2020.

The department features well-equipped, cutting-edge laboratories, including a biomedical instrumentation lab, a pathology and microbiology lab, and a diagnostic and therapeutic lab, to fully meet Anna University’s criteria and allow students to complete their projects in-house. Industry-Institute connects with notable healthcare providers such as Seimens Healthineers, Biovision Medical Systems Pvt Ltd, Niranjan Ultrasound, Chettinad Dental Hospital, and others are highlights of the department. It also offers a variety of value-added courses and industry-based training programme to help biomedical engineers become truly competitive.

Course Highlights (Accredited by NBA)

Hospital Management 
Biomedical Signal & Image Processing  
Hospital Equipment Design and Service


To be the premier biomedical engineering Department in the world, recognized for industry-based training, research, sustainable development, innovation in clinical medicine and serve as the world’s leading society of professionals with ethical values, devoted to developing and using technology to support healthcare.


To observe brilliance in biomedical engineering by integrating fundamental engineering concepts and medicine, to serve the society
To create new technologies, devices and therapies for better healthcare through interaction with industry, higher education, research, innovation and entrepreneur skill development
To imbibe social awareness, sustainable development and ethical values in students to support healthcare locally, nationally and globally to emerge as professional leaders


Establish fundamental knowledge of mathematics, engineering and clinical science to deal with the medical sector.
Enable them to expand their technical competence skill, multidisciplinary knowledge, research, innovation, incubation and engage in learning opportunities throughout their careers to face the challenges in the biomedical field
Impart them the necessary skills to exhibit proficient leadership aspects, ethical values and communicative competence to solve challenges in health care environment in a eco-friendly manner


To design and develop diagnostic and therapeutic devices that reduces physician burnout and enhance the quality of life for the end user by applying fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering.
To apply software skills in developing algorithms for solving healthcare related problems in various fields of medical sector.
To adapt to emerging information and communication technologies (ICT) to innovate ideas and solutions for current societal and scientific issues thereby developing indigenous medical instruments that are on par with the existing technology

Prominent courses within the syllabus that you will learn

Anatomy and Physiology
Pathology and Microbiology
Radiology Equipment
Biomedical Instrumentation
Diagnostics and Therapeutic Equipment

Entrepreneurship Development

At Agni College of Technology, we encourage the possibility of earning while you learn, and becoming an Entrepreneur/CEO in related fields through the following programs  

300 Startups
Agni Vayu
Garuda Aerospace
MSME Incubation
Agni Yanthiran

Industry Training and Industry Powered Labs

As a part of the Biomedical Engineering course at Agni College of Technology, you will have the opportunity to get access to Industry Powered Labs and also Industrial Training with prominent healthcare service providers like

Madras ENT Foundation
Shri Sathya Sai Hospital
Kalam Institute of Technology
Aaranya Bioscience
Biovision Health Care
Siemens Healthineers 
Niranjan Ultrasound 
Radical Equiments Pvt Ltd
Sun Shive Electronics Pvt ltd
Ge Healthcare
Royal Mother Hospital
Tenx Healthcare Pvt Ltd
MGM Hospital
Vital Biosystems Pvt Ltd