S.NOName of the MoU signedYear of signing MoUDepartmentDuration
1Larsen and Toubro limited2019-20Civil Engineering2 Years
2NEEM INTERNATIONAL2019-20Civil EngineeringPerpetual
3ABE Semiconductors2019-20Electronics and Communication Engineering3 Years
4Comfair Systech Blue star2019-20Electrical and Electronics EngineeringPerpetual
5Minnal Electrical Solution India Private Limited2019-20Electrical and Electronics EngineeringPerpetual
6NestLives Pvt. Ltd.2019-20Electrical and Electronics EngineeringPerpetual
7Tri Electric Private Limited2019-20Electrical and Electronics EngineeringPerpetual
8ViMicrosystems Private Limited2019-20Electrical and Electronics EngineeringPerpetual
9Bioneemtec2019-20Biomedical Engineering5 Years
10Cardiocare2019-20Biomedical Engineering5 Years
11BBC World Service India Private Limited2019-20Agni College of Technology3 Years
12DE USA2019-20Agni College of TechnologyPerpetual
13Biovision2018-19Biomedical Engineering5 Years
14Kalam Institute of Health Technology2018-19Biomedical Engineering5 Years
15Meridian school of oil and gas Pvt Ltd2018-19Chemical Engineering3 Years
16Bioneemtech Pvt Ltd2018-19Chemical EngineeringPerpetual
17SEAGRASS TECH PVT LTD2018-19Chemical Engineering3 Years
18Pyroferous Technologies2018-19Computer Science and Engineering5 Years
19Aaranya Biosciences2018-19Biomedical Engineering3 Years
20National Small Scale industries corporation2017-18Electrical and Electronics EngineeringPerpetual
21Siemens helathineers2017-18Biomedical Engineering3 Years
22sri sathya sai medical college and research institiute2017-18Biomedical Engineering3 Years
23Arulnambi Engineering Consultants2017-18Civil Engineering4 Years
243EDGE Solutions2017-18Computer Science and EngineeringPerpetual
25Red Hat India Private Ltd2017-18Computer Science and Engineering1 year
26RJP Infotek Private Ltd2017-18Computer Science and Engineering1 year
27GH Induction Private Limited2017-18Electrical and Electronics Engineering2 Years
28Diamond Engineering Pvt.ltd2017-18Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering2 Years
29PRAG Robotics. Chennai2017-18Mechanical, Mechatronics and Mechanical & Automation Engineering2 Years
30SVP laser Technologies2017-18Mechanical, Mechatronics and Mechanical & Automation Engineering2 Years
31DHRTI INFOTECH2017-18Information Technology3 Years
32PROPASS TECHNOLOGIES2017-18Mechatronics Engineering2 Years
33MERF institute of speech and hearing2016-17Biomedical Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering3 Years
34Niranjan Ultraound India Pvt.LTd2016-17Biomedical Engineering2 Years
35CADD Centre Training Services Pvt Ltd2016-17Civil Engineering2 Years
36Systech Solutions Pvt. Ltd2016-17Computer Science and Engineering2 Years
37Futurenet Technologies2016-17Information Technology2 Years
38Dev Solar Private Limited2015-16Electrical and Electronics EngineeringPerpetual
39CADD LABS2014-15Civil Engineering5 Years
40HTC Global Services India Pvt Ltd2014-15Computer Science and Engineering1 year
41Agni Estate & Foundation Pvt.Ltd2012-13Civil Engineering5 Years
42INNOVATE ENGINEERING SOLUTION2013-14Electronics and Communication Engineering3 Years
43INDUS ENGINEERING ENTERPRISES2013-14Electronics and Communication Engineering3 Years
44VI MICROSYSTEMS PVT LTD2013-14Electronics and Communication Engineering3 Years
45Centre for Entrepreneurship Development2013-14Agni College of Technology3 Years
46TVS Training ans Services Limited2013-14Mechanical Engineering2 Years
47Micro Mechanical Methods for Biology, University of California, Berkeley2014-15Agni College of Technology4 Years
48Arizon State University2012-13Agni College of Technology1 Year