300 startups at Agni

300 Startups is a Knowledge Initiative from Agni College of Technology to kindle the entrepreneurial spirit of the students. This is also a big step in empowering women as all 300 Startups have Women CEOs. Agni Foundation has signed a MoU with ELCOT, Govt. of Tamil Nadu for Rs 1500 Crores during the Global Investor Summit 2019.

Students from all the 4 years have formed teams and started a company as a part of these 300 Startups. These companies focus on the Government Departments of Tamilnadu and will strive to solve an issue / create a product / service for that department.

Faculty members, IAS officers, Entrepreneurs and Experts from the industry are mentors to these teams and guide them through it. Agni College of Technology is also forming alliances and tie-ups with foreign universities to bring in a global outlook to these startups. 

These startups are focused on the government operations in specific, and will help provide benefits to the citizens of Tamil Nadu including

Ease of approach

Speedy / Timely solutions

Inclusive relationship

Minimising process

Minimising Service / Product costs

Utilization of the Government Schemes

Some of our Student’s Startups

CEO's Count List - Department wise

  • MEC 1

  • MHT 4

  • IT 33

  • EEE 17

  • BME 29

  • CSC 64

  • CVL 14

  • ECE 138

300 Startups’ CEO List

CEO's Of Mech Department

SI. No. Department & Year Name
1 Mec IV Year Anees Fathima M
2 Mec 111 Year Rithu s

CEO's Of EEE Department

SI. No. Department & Year Name
1 Mec IV Year Anees Fathima M

Ceo’s of ECE Department

SI. No. Department & Year Name
1 Mec IV Year Anees Fathima M

Ceo’s of CVL Department

SI. No. Department & Year Name
1 Mec IV Year Anees Fathima M

Ceo’s of CSC Department

SI. No. Department & Year Name
1 Mec IV Year Anees Fathima M

Ceo’s of BME Department

SI. No. Department & Year Name
1 Mec IV Year Anees Fathima M

300 Startups’ CEO List

CEO's Of BME Department

Sl.NoDepartment YearName
1 BME-IV Yr Anees Fathima M
2 BME-IV Yr Catherin Nivetha A
3 BME-IV Yr Dharani D
4 BME-IV Yr Divyasri R M
5 BME-IV Yr Ganga R
6 BME-IV Yr Gowri R
7 BME-IV Yr Hari Piriya M
8 BME-IV Yr Janani B A
9 BME-IV Yr Janani P
10BME-IV Yr Moulika R
11BME-IV Yr Nivetha B
12BME-IV Yr Lavanya S
13BME-IV Yr Pavithra R
14BME-IV Yr Priscillaebenezer R
15BME-IV Yr Priyadharshini G
16BME-IV Yr Priyadharshini R
17BME-IV Yr Priyanka S
18BME-IV Yr Roshini G
19BME-IV Yr Shyla Blessy J D
20BME-IV Yr Sowndarya K
21BME-IV Yr Suganthamalli R
22BME-IV Yr Suganthi A
23BME-IV Yr Thahseena Sheerin A
24BME-IV Yr Thasmiya Begam D
25BME-IV Yr Uma Maheshwari S
26BME-IV Yr Vishnupriya M
27BME-IV Yr Yogashalini V
28BME-IV Yr Aswini M
29BME-IV YrNirmala R

CEO's Of CSE Department

Sl.NoDepartment YearName
1CSE-IV Yr Subbulakshmi S
2CSE-IV Yr Suvathi K
3CSE-IV Yr Tamizharasi D
4CSE-IV Yr Udhaya Banu J
5CSE-IV Yr Varshini R
6CSE-IV Yr Vinodha C K
7CSE-IV Yr Yoga Surya K
8CSE-IV Yr Shalini J
9CSE-IV Yr Sivasankari S
10CSE-IV Yr Sneha R K
11CSE-IV Yr Sona K
12CSE-IV Yr Sornakumari M
13CSE-IV Yr Sowmiya R
14CSE-IV Yr Amrin Thabasum M
15CSE-IV Yr Anandhi S
16CSE-IV Yr Anbarasi S
17CSE-IV Yr Anusha S
18CSE-IV Yr Arockia Brightlin A
19CSE-IV Yr Bharathi Priya D
20CSE-IV Yr Brindha T
21CSE-IV Yr Dhivya K
22CSE-IV Yr Divya Bharathi S
23CSE-IV Yr Evangeline C
24CSE-IV Yr Indumathi A
25CSE-IV Yr Janani B
26CSE-IV Yr Jayavathi P
27CSE-IV Yr Kamila Sulthana P
28CSE-IV Yr Kanna Kavya
29CSE-IV Yr Kavitha Lakshmi Ak
30CSE-IV Yr Keerthana V
31CSE-IV Yr Kavya Sree A
32CSE-IV Yr Kowsalya K
33CSE-IV Yr Lalitha B
34CSE-IV Yr Mahalakshmi A
35CSE-IV Yr Malini M
36CSE-IV Yr Mathi Vathana M
37CSE-IV Yr Mathivathani K
38CSE-IV Yr Minaz Tanweer
39CSE-IV Yr Mohana Priya S
40CSE-IV Yr Monisha V
41CSE-IV Yr Nandhini R
42CSE-IV Yr Nandhini R
43CSE-IV Yr Parameswari M
44CSE-IV Yr Pavithra M
45CSE-IV Yr Ponakila V
46CSE-IV Yr Pooja K
47CSE-IV Yr Pooja Chellam M
48CSE-IV Yr Punitha N
49CSE-IV Yr Priyadharshini V
50CSE-IV Yr Raja Gomathy S
51CSE-IV Yr Ramya C
52CSE-IV Yr Ranjitha S J
53CSE-IV Yr Razviya Banu Z
54CSE-IV Yr Ruthra Devi A
55CSE-IV Yr Sabari Sindu S
56CSE-IV Yr Sangeetha Devi S
57CSE-IV Yr Savietha S M
58 CSE-III Yr Priyavadhana S R
59 CSE-III Yr Ramya V
60 CSE-III Yr Roghini M
61 CSE-III Yr Shafa Parveen S
62 CSE-III Yr Shankari A
63 CSE-III Yr Suvathi A
64 CSE-III Yr Jayapriya J

CEO's Of CVL Department

Sl.NoDepartment YearName
1CVL-IV Yr Janani S
2CVL-IV Yr Kalaivani M
3CVL-IV Yr Rajalakshmi S
4CVL-IV Yr Sinthiya A
5CVL-IV Yr Subhashini P
6CVL-IV Yr Susithra P
7CVL-IV Yr Vishnupriya E
8CVL-IV Yr Abinaya G
9CVL-IV Yr Hemavathy A
10CVL-III YrDivya S
11CVL-III YrSowmiya R
12CVL-III YrSwathi S
13CVL-III YrVairapriya M
14CVL-III YrPrince Johnson R

Ceo’s of ECE Department

Sl.NoDepartment YearName
1ECE-IV Yr Sylvia Angelin Roy J
2ECE-IV Yr Tamil Oviya T
3ECE-IV Yr Vanmathi P
4ECE-IV Yr Vignayal S
5ECE-IV Yr Elavarasi M
6ECE-IV YrSathya Su
7ECE-IV YrAbirami G
8ECE-IV YrAbirami V
9ECE-IV YrAishwarya R
10ECE-IV YrAlamelu Rekha E
11ECE-IV YrAmsaveni V
12ECE-IV YrAngelin K
13ECE-IV YrArchana R
14ECE-IV YrAsharani G
15ECE-IV YrBawya P
16ECE-IV YrBenita Angelin S
17ECE-IV YrBhavana K
18ECE-IV YrBincy Emagline J
19ECE-IV YrBuvaneswari R K
20ECE-IV YrChandhini C
21ECE-IV YrCheji F
22ECE-IV YrChristina Angelin Emimal G
23ECE-IV YrDeepika R
24BME-IV YrNirmala R
25ECE-IV YrDeepika S
26ECE-IV YrDevi R
27ECE-IV YrDurgasoundarya S
28ECE-IV YrFarzana Begam S
29ECE-IV YrGayathri R
30ECE-IV YrGayathri V
31ECE-IV YrHarrini R
32ECE-IV YrJanani S
33ECE-IV YrJayagowri T
34ECE-IV YrJega Priya J
35ECE-IV YrKamali Mari K
36ECE-IV YrKaaviyashree K
37ECE-IV YrKausalya S
38ECE-IV YrKavitha A
39ECE-IV YrKavitha K
40ECE-IV YrKaviyarasi V
41ECE-IV YrKeerthanavalli R
42ECE-IV YrKruthika V
43ECE-IV YrLatha S
44ECE-IV YrLashmipriya R
45ECE-IV YrMalasree G
46ECE-IV YrMaria Tamilannam X
47ECE-IV YrMalini S
48ECE-IV YrManoranjani V
49ECE-IV YrMartin Stephy J
50ECE-IV YrMathangi C
51ECE-IV YrNandhini S
52ECE-IV YrNazeema Begam K A
53ECE-IV YrNiranjany S
54ECE-IV YrNishanthini T
55ECE-IV YrNithya Kalyani S
56ECE-IV YrNivedha L
57 ECE-IV YrPavithra K
58 ECE-IV YrPavithra K (--)
59 ECE-IV YrPreethi R
60 ECE-IV YrPreethi S
61 ECE-IV YrPriyadarshini Babu
62 ECE-IV YrPriyadharshini R
63 ECE-IV YrPriyalakshmi V C
64 ECE-IV YrPriyanka D J
65 ECE-IV YrPriyanka J
66 ECE-IV YrPriyanka Sridhar
67 ECE-IV YrPriya Tharsini S
68 ECE-IV YrRajeshwari C
69 ECE-IV YrRamya G
70 ECE-IV YrRamya S
71 ECE-IV YrRose D
72 ECE-IV YrSaipooja S
73 ECE-IV YrSakthi E
74 ECE-IV YrSandhya U
75 ECE-IV Yr Sharmila B
76 ECE-III YrVisithra R
77 ECE-III YrYogitha P
78 ECE-III YrAbinaya V
79 ECE-III YrAbitha A
80 ECE-III YrAchutha Kj
81 ECE-III YrAishwarya B
82 ECE-III YrAkshaya P
83 ECE-III YrAmbbiga J
84 ECE-III YrAmirtha T
85 ECE-III YrArunarani S
86 ECE-III YrAswini J
87 ECE-III YrBlessy Priyanka D
88 ECE-III YrChanthini Devi S
89 ECE-III YrDharshini M
90 ECE-III YrDivya J
91 ECE-III YrElakkiya A
92 ECE-III YrEniya C
93 ECE-III YrEswari R
94 ECE-III YrGangadevi G
95 ECE-III YrGokulalakshmi T
96 ECE-III YrGowsalya B
97 ECE-III YrHarini E
98 ECE-IV Yr Shebana Resmi B
99 ECE-IV Yr Sindhuja D
100 ECE-IV Yr Srileka N
101 ECE-IV Yr Srilekha M
102 ECE-IV Yr Sulosanee B
103 ECE-IV Yr Suraiya Begum H
104 ECE-IV Yr Swetha K
105 ECE-III YrJayapriya R
106 ECE-III YrKalaivani B
107 ECE-III YrKarthika M
108 ECE-III YrKarthika R
109 ECE-III YrKaviya K
110 ECE-III YrKharishma Malini A
111 ECE-III YrMonisha P
112 ECE-III YrNihaarika S
113 ECE-III YrPavithra P
114 ECE-III YrPrasannavadhani P
115 ECE-III YrPraveena C
116 ECE-III YrRajalakshmi R
117 ECE-III YrRajashree R
118 ECE-III YrRamya P
119 ECE-III YrRanjitha B
120 ECE-III YrRathna Priya S
121 ECE-III YrRekha K
122 ECE-III YrSandhya M
123 ECE-III YrSangeetha G
124 ECE-III YrSanthiya A
125 ECE-III YrSaranya P
126 ECE-III YrSasthini K
127 ECE-III YrSathiya S
128 ECE-III YrSermakani V
129 ECE-III YrShalini J
130 ECE-III YrSheela Rani P
131 ECE-III YrSivva Dharini V
132 ECE-III YrSowmiya G
133 ECE-III YrSreenidhi Rv
134 ECE-III YrSrinithi S
135 ECE-III YrUmamaheswari P
136 ECE-III YrVani M
137 ECE-III YrVengadeswari P
138 ECE-III YrVidhya R

CEO's Of EEE Department

Sl.NoDepartment YearName
1 EEE-IV Yr Kavitha R
2 EEE-IV Yr Logeswari R
3 EEE-IV Yr Nadhiya P
4 EEE-IV Yr Pratheeyanga Mm
5 EEE-IV Yr Preethaa N
6 EEE-IV Yr Ramya D
7 EEE-IV Yr Sanmuga Priya Rm
8 EEE-IV Yr Sobana A
9 EEE-IV Yr Soniya V
10 EEE-IV Yr Akalya R
11 EEE-IV Yr Jennathul Raziya S
12 EEE-IV Yr Karlin Dyana S
13 EEE-III YrAbarna E
14 EEE-III YrEmimal L
15 EEE-III YrSivagangai S
16 EEE-III YrThilagavathy J
17 EEE-III YrVennila Devi P

CEO's Of EEE Department

Sl.NoDepartment YearName
1 IT-IV YrAbarna Rgs
2 IT-IV YrAnanthi P
3 IT-IV YrDhivya R
4 IT-IV YrDhivyabharathi B
5 IT-IV YrHari Priya K
6 IT-IV YrHarisri U
7 IT-IV YrJanani G
8 IT-IV YrJeevitha R
9 IT-IV YrKirthika K
10 IT-IV YrLakshmi Priya R
11 IT-IV YrMullai Priya D
12 IT-IV YrNandhini K
13 IT-IV YrPooja Roy S
14 IT-IV YrPriyadharshini J
15 IT-IV YrSethupriya S
16 IT-IV YrSivaranjani G
17 IT-IV YrVoormisha R
18 IT-IV YrGayathri K
19 IT-IV YrAthulya Jayakumar
20IT-IV Yr Suhasini U
21 IT-III Yr Durgalakshmi K
22 IT-III Yr Gayathri M
23 IT-III Yr Gayathri R
24 IT-III Yr Gayathri S
25 IT-III Yr Mageshwari M
26 IT-III Yr Mubina S
27 IT-III Yr Nivetha M D
28 IT-III Yr Seethaiyammal M
29 IT-III Yr Sumithra T
30 IT-III Yr Pabitha Parameswari P
31 IT-III Yr Shanmathi M
32 IT-III Yr Thanga Sugirtha A
33 IT-III Yr Vaishali Vaibhavi

CEO's Of MHT Department

Sl.NoDepartment YearName
1 MHT-IV Yr Ramya M
2 MHT-IV Yr Sangeetha S
3 MHT-III Yr Shivaani Devi R
4 MHT-III Yr Vidhya Sri M

CEO's Of MEC Department

Sl.NoDepartment YearName
1 MEC-III Yr Reethu G