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Quality Initiatives & Reforms

Quality Initiatives

1. Course Presentation & Review of Course Content:

Once the courses are allocated to the faculty members based on faculty proficiency / subject competency matrix, the faculty members start preparing the course content. A presentation is given by the faculty members on the course allocated to them, before the commencement of classes to an expert panel committee.
A schedule is prepared for the presentation. Overview of the course, lesson plan, focus on each unit, application in current trends, ICT tools used, previous years result analysis, content beyond syllabus being taught and list of text books to be referred are some of the key points covered elaborately during the
presentation. The faculty members need to prepare the course file as per the guidelines and submit it during the presentation to the reviewers. A panel of reviewers is appointed to review the presentation / course content and they suggest the corrections / modifications / inclusion / revision in the content, if any. This process ensures the quality of the content to be provided to the students and the content delivery methods.

2. Internship

The institution identifies the gap between the employers’ requirements. The internship and hands on training are being planned for the students based on that. By this our graduates confidentially face the global competition.

Agni College of Technology has made internship mandatory for II, III and IV year students from the academic year 2015 – 2016. The students do internships during the vacations of odd and even semester.A coordinator for internship is assigned in every department to carry out and monitor the internship related
activities. The students choose the industry in which they are willing to do the internship. The faculty members of the department also guide the students in choosing the industries for their internship. The students get a permission letter from the department and get it approved by the principal.

The students update the training details to the internship coordinator of the department during the training period. The coordinator monitors the progress by contacting the industry. The students submit the internship certificate and a report to the coordinator once the internship gets over. The students those who have completed an internship, give a presentation about what they learnt during the internship. Weightage is given in awarding internal marks to the students after completing their internships.


– Improved understanding
– Gaining relevant work experience
– Building self-confidence
Ashok Leyland, Ramco Factory, Butterfly home appliances and Integral Coach Factory are few industries that offer internship for our students.


1. Skill Development through Industry Powered Labs

ACT has set up over 20 fully functional industries powered labs in the campus powered by leading industries across different engineering streams. The students are trained in various aspects of engineering and other skills through the industry-powered labs that will enable them to be ahead in their field.
Agni College of Technology identifies the skills to be developed by the students by analysing what the industry needs. The training modules are prepared in consultation with the industry in such a way that it reveals the emerging trends of the industry to the students. The departments prepare the time table and 3 hours per week are allocated for skill development. Separate attendance is maintained. The students get a certificate after successful completion of the training.

Some of the skill development trainings conducted are listed below.

– Meridian Oil and Gas – Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Downstream Operations
– Haritha Techserve – Advanced CATIA
– ABB Prag Robotics – Robotics in Automation
– ABE Semiconductor Design – Machine Learning Algorithms

By the above trainings our students are skilled on what industry needs and they align with the requirements.

2. Practical / Laboratory Based Teaching

Agni College of Technology identifies the following needs of laboratory based teaching and implemented in the teaching learning process.

– Manipulative, inquiry and investigative skill development
– To enhance critical thinking, problem solving, analysis and synthesis abilities.
– To create curiosity, confidence, interest, precision and liking science.

Agni college of Technology is affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. In the syllabus prescribed by the university there are 2 or 3 laboratory courses and 6 theory courses per semester. It is noticed that there is a wide scope for explaining few topics of the theory papers through the laboratories. This insight brought the introduction of laboratory based teaching in the institution. A department meeting is conducted with head of the department and faculty members to discuss about practical / laboratory based teaching. All the current semester courses and the major topics involved are listed out. Each and every course is taken for discussion and the topics which can be taught using the laboratories and by conducting experiments are listed out. The faculty members discuss about the methodology and approach about the conduct of classes. The topics decided to be taught using laboratories are mentioned in the lesson plan. Head of the department ensures the conduct of classes as per the lesson plan for laboratory based classes on topics not covered in the laboratory syllabus.

This reform enabled our students to excel in academics and has also improved placements in core industry.