Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Adequate Number Of Rooms For Lectures, Seminars, Tutorials

The class rooms are exclusively allotted for 1st to 4th Year students for lectures
The Optional Elective classes are also engaged in the rooms available in the department.
The faculty uses instructional video CDs on the subject to teach the class.
Every lecture room is equipped with LCD projector. The Wi-Fi campus makes it easy for students to use on-line materials during presentations.
The Seminar and Smart Room is used for delivering technical Seminars and Project Review presentations.



Control System Laboratory

The Control System part of this lab is equipped with AC and DC Servomotors, Synchro Transmitter and Receiver, Stepper Motor, PID Controllers and Compensator Module to support experiments in control system area. A sophisticated temperature control module is also available.

The Instrumentation part of this lab is to fortify the students with adequate work experience in the measurement of displacement, resistance, inductance, torque, angle etc., and to give exposure to AC, DC bridges and transient measurement


Electric Circuits Laboratory

The Electric Circuits lab is concerned with basic knowledge and technology needed to understand the application of the rapidly changing electronics field.

The lab is equipped with Function Generator, Single Trace and Dual Trace CRO’s, Digital storage Oscilloscope and semiconductor devices designed to provide wide knowledge about Electrical & Electronics field.


Electrical Machines Lab

The Electrical Machines lab is equipped with all types of AC and DC machines and Transformers mainly covered in the B.E. curriculum.

Through hands-on experiments with real machines, students gain practical experience in using various DC motors and Generators, AC motors and Alternators, Transformers, Starters etc.


Power Electronics Laboratory

The Power Electronics Lab is equipped with all types of Controllers, Choppers , Regulator power supply, stepper motor controller, IC trainer kit ,Inverters, Converters, Micro processer & Micro controllers, Brush less DC motor with DSP controller, PISM software for simulation and are mainly covered in the BE curriculum.

Through hands on experiment with real components & equipment, students can gain practical exposure. The students are developing prototype projects using our Power Electronics equipment by testing using CRO, DSO, Functions generator etc.


Power System Simulation Laboratory

To acquire software development skills and experience in the usage of standard packages necessary for analysis and simulation of power system required for its planning, operation and control.

This lab has 30 terminals and is equipped with AU Power Lab Software Package and MATLAB. It supports the students and faculty members to develop and validate any software package required for the projects and also utilized for research & development activities.

Laboratory Facilities

A Power System Simulation Lab has been created in the department as per curriculum requirement
MATLAB and PSPICE Software are available on the server for use of students
Power System Transient study software will also be installed.

Availabilities of Labs & Student Project Lab With Technical Support

The available Labs as per the Anna University curriculum are supported by experienced technical staff with diplomas who have been designated as Lab instructors. The department and labs in the institute work at times beyond the five working days for the benefit of the students.
The space for the Project Lab is available in the vicinity of the existing EEE Labs. The department is gearing up to develop this Lab in the next semester.
It is also planned to use the Project Lab as Electrical- Electronic workshop for repairs and maintenance of meters, modules and instruments.
The manpower proposed will cater to workshop related work, and support the needs of the students during Mini- Projects, Engineering Model Making, Project Realization and Testing.