Group Members

Students from ECE & Mechnaical – III & IV Year
1. Ariharan T
2. Elangovan B
3. Hemantharajan V
4. Pragadeeshwaran M

Faculty Guide

Mr. J.P. Josh kumar, AP/ECE

Description of the project

Tumble wheel is the idea of developing an AUTOPILOT enabled Artificially intelligent UGV(Unmanned Ground Vehicle). This design is aimed to bring up a series of military combat applications like soldier assistance, medical and military supply to distant camps and spying operations like Border surveillance, land mine detection, image mapping of complex terrains etc., without on-board human presence. Unlike other existing robots Tumble wheel will feature both Ultra long range encrypted communication system for manual controlling and autopilot systems for path following with obstacle avoidance navigation control along with failsafe mechanisms.

The main motivation of Tumble wheel is to overcome the disadvantages left over by already existing UGVs and to kick start a new way for transportation. The objective of this prototype is to address the problems that are common in existing UGV technology especially possibility of common control bandwidth for many UGVs, limited range of manual control, Obstacle collision issues, Decision making errors etc., Primary objective of this design is to assist soldiers by means of transportation of military essentials, Medical kits during war (payload of Prototype is up to 8kgs ). Tumble wheel will transport the supplies to the war field in a comparatively faster and safer manner. So the troop needs not to wait for manual help. All we need to do is load the cargo and set the path (waypoints) and destination (by using Ground Control Station), tumble wheel will handle the rest despite of the complexity and the distance.

Industry Connect for the Projects

  • Mr. Shamed Dalha, Engineering Department, Brakes India Pvt., Ltd., showed his interest to our students project AUTOBOT and asked for presentation at industry site.
  • Students presented their innovation to Mr. P. Raju, Sr. Manager – TEI, WABCO Vehicle Control Systems and getting impressed by the projects, he invited our students and Heads to visit WABCO for Industry connect through projects, CoE, Interns, etc.,
  • Our student’s presented their innovative projects to Mr. Biju Balendra, MD & CEO of Renault Nissan and got lot of technical inputs and suggestions.
  • Mr. Parasuraman, Dy. Managing Director, Toyato Industries Engine India Pvt. ltd. offered industry connect and tech support to our students project
  • Mr. Seshaiyan, Senior manager, Hyundai motors listened to Team- Tumble wheel’s presentation and showed up interest to our students project AUTOBOT and for presentation at industry site.
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