Group Members

Students from Department of ECE (II Year)
1. S.Balaji
2. M.Nandhabalan
J. Jayakumar

Faculty Guide

Mr. S.Sudharsan, AP/ECE

Description of the project

The name SACRITOD stands for Smart Automated Car In Real Time Obstacle(object) Detection.

Our project mainly concentrates on the concept of accident prevention and obstacle detection. Heavy vehicle drivers in the highways can expect unexpected threats in the pathway which may even turn out to be fatal. Always a human eye could not be trusted to find out the obstacles that the vehicle is going to face during the travel so we have developed a prototype which could detect the obstacles without considering its size using the help of ultrasonic sensors which has the capability to vary its range in accordance to the speed of the vehicle. A groove coupler is used to measure speed of the vehicle so the output could be used to vary the range of the ultrasonic sensor. The velocity of the car is proportional to the range of the ultrasonic wave produced by the sensor, so when a car moves in a high speed due to increase in the range of the sensor (ultrasonic) it can detect the obstacle in the early time and the vehicle could be prevented from an accident either with an alert signal or with a brake. Due to the deployment of image processing techniques we can easily identify different obstacles in the pathway. These image processing techniques add more detail in finding out the type of obstacle faced by the sensor.

Our prototype can be either used in transportation vehicles or as a surveillance bot. If the image processing techniques are enhanced more detailed and precise faults could be identified. It can also be used to surveillance the labours working in a large assembly line and their minor activities could also be monitored more effectively.

Since we are using real time obstacle detection our bots could be more effectively used to monitor the wild animals in the forest and the people living nearby could be alerted if the animals try to enter into their habitat.


  • It can be implemented as a unit for accident prevention and obstacle detection
    in automobiles.
  • As a bot it could be used in the field of surveillance.

Orders/ Industry Connect for the Projects

  • Students presented their innovation to Mr. P. Raju, sr. Manager – TEI, WABCO Vehicle Control Systems and after got impressed by the projects and he invited our students and Heads to visit WABCO for Industry connect through projects, CoE, Interns, etc.,
  • From VISTEON INDIA, Mrs. Shripriya Subramaniyan, Marketing and Communication Manager liked very much our students Smart Automated car project and wants further details to have tie up.
  • Brakes India Ltd., is an example for one of the multiple companies that were interested to consider the possibilities for a joint venture with the technology used in the Smart Automated Car which could be of huge use to many people
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