Unmanned Fertilizer Sprayer

Group Members

Students From Mechatronics
1. Lakshmanan
2. Harikrishnan

Faculty Guide

Mr. Prasanaa Kumaar, AP/ Mechatronics

Description of the project

Here we proposed a low cost automated Arduino controlled unmanned bot for spraying fertilizer. Our proposed work optimizes the manual power with efficiency. In our project, we are using Arduino Uno which is used to control motor control board. Through motor control board the wheels of the bot are controlled. Here the Arduino program plays a
vital role. Based on the size of the farm the program has been made. The wheels of the bot remain same for all farms. Therefore, based on the timer input in a program the bot is moved over the farm. When the timer is finished, the bot is stopped and then it can take left/right turn twice then it move over the farm. Whenever the wheel is linearly moving the sprayer spray the fertilizer through nozzles. The pump is placed at the front it will get fertilizer from the manually filled fertilizer tank and supply it to the sprayer.

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