Real time Projects by Agni Students

Project Details

A real time project titled “Fixingroad safety checkers” for the Tamil Nadu police department.

About TheProject

The Department of Tamil Nadu police-NILGRIS is in need of a proper facility for road safety and surveillance. Based on their request, our students have worked on a real time project“Fixing road safety checkers”


  • Project of S. Santhosh kumar&G.vasantharaja III ECE has been approved by the police of NILGRIS,
  • Agni student’s project has been implemented in the roads of NILGRIS to BURLAYAR.


    • Students were assisted by industrial expert Mr.SriShyam,a well known cybersecurity analyst.
    • This is the first student project, implemented by NILGRIS police department.
    • Based on the work carried by the students, the project was carried further to a count of 20,which were 10 initially.
    • Students are still helping in assisting this system, and they are maintaining it, by the credentials provided by them.

Execution of Project Road safety checkers – Snapshot

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