Computer and computer languages were the focus of the Techie Club. Dr. R. K. Selvakumar addressed the club members and explained the vision of the club. Club members were split into groups and a list of projects were given to select.

Students were taken to Kashiv Infotech for industrial visit. Working principle of cloud computing was explained to the students.

List of Projects

  1. Snake Game
  2. Generation of Next Number in an Mathematical Series
  3. Capche Generation
  4. Shutdown the System in Given Time
  5. School Billing System
  6. Hospital Management System
  7. Snack Game
  8. Spell Checker
  9. Simple Strong Password Creator
  10. Basic Calculator
  11. Banking System

Techie Club Started on 2nd Feb 2016 at CSE laboratory with introduction by our Head of the CSE Department, on behalf of Faculty members from CSE Department and career counselor.

The club primary activities are to make the club members as a technology friendly, Real-time application development practice and Learning through practice. We plan to explore the internal parts of computer and mobile operating system. We separate the club member as groups with maximum of four members in a group. We formed eleven groups based on the student interest and convenient. Group members are Selected their desired projects from the set of given project list. The faculty members are assigned as a guide to club groups based on interest and area of expertise. The Projects included

  1. Program for Hospital management, School management, Medical management, Program for snake game,
  2. Spell checker using "c"
  3. Program to find next number in a series,
  4. captcha code generation,
  5. Strong password protection,
  6. Automatic cleaning of recycle bin,
  7. Automatic shutdown and restart of computer, etc.

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