Dept of Chemical Engg : 3rd Year Industrial Visit

Date: 07.09.19

Name of the Industry: S.V.CHEM INTERMEDIATES PVT.LTD, Alathur, Chennai.

The S.V Chem Intermediates is located at the outskirts of chennai in SIDCO Industrial Estate Alathur. It is situated among various pharmaceutical industries such as Orchid pharmaceuticals.


They are amino acid derivative manufacturers which act as major component in drug formulation. Some of the most widely made products are

          1. CPZ-L Valine

          2. FMOC protected amino acids

Dedusting Room :

 The raw materials that come in sacks are dedusted before sending them into the storage area for raw materials.

Raw materials :

The major raw material is valine which is a derivative from rice. It's imported from Japan.

Few other raw materials are also used which are said to be confidential.

Storage for raw materials:

This storage can be classified into three types

         1. Toxic and hazardous chemical storage - Acetic Acid and Sodium ThioSulphate.

         2. volatile chemical storage - Here the solvents like hexane and toluene are stored.

         3. Other chemical storage - These raw materials are stored in open atmosphere inside a room     this is done for valine drums, in some cases if required air conditioned room is used. 

Nitrogen synthesis plant:

The habbers process is used to run a mini plant  for the synthesis of ammonia from the atmospheric air available at that place. The nitrogen compound separated is sent to the reactor for amonification to form the amino acid.


Boilers are used to generate steam for the initiation and occurrence of the processes. A boiler of capacity 1000 litre and steam flow rate of 600 kg /hr is used.

Catalyst used :

The major catalyst used in the reaction are solvents like

Ethyl acetate, Hexane, Toluene.


The major reactors used are batch reactors made up of stainless steel or glass.

Reaction time:

It varies from a range of 2to 3 days


It is used for the separation of the product formed as a slurry from the residual water.


There are two types of dryers used in the industry they are

             1. Fluidized bed dryer- FBD

             2. Tray dryer.

Pollution and waste management:

Every month inspection is done by the Tamil Nadu Pollution control board authorities and the toxic residue is stored in a separate space outside the plant which is collected 6 month once by the pollution control board for disposal.

Process description:

The raw material requirement is sent to the storage and they send the required quantity for the process. The valine along with the specific chemicals is fed into the stainless steel reactor along with nitrogen compounds. The reaction occurs for about 2 days and then the product is distilled.  The residue is stored separately and the distilled product is centrifuged and dried. The final product is packed and stored separately.

Water Treatment plant :

The waste water is treated using a Reverse osmosis plant and the cleaned water is used for the irrigation purpose of around 150 trees present at the backyard of the industry.

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