Guest lecture on Intellectual Property Rights

The following faculty members are participating in the guest lecture on "Intellectual Property Rights".

Date & Time: 11/01/2020, 9.30 AM             

Venue: Computer Lab (C4), Ground Floor, ACT

Resource Person: Dr. Geetha

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Department
1 Mrs. M.Jeyaselvi Computer Science Engineering
2 Mr.S.Gopinathan Computer Science Engineering
3 Mrs. R.M.Shiny Computer Science Engineering
4 Mrs. R.M.Shiny Computer Science Engineering
5 Mr.A. Thiyagarajan Computer Science Engineering
6 Mr.C.P.Jetlin Computer Science Engineering
7 Mr. Atheena Meligai Pandian BioMedical Engineering
8 Mr.Sandana Socrates Civil Engineering
9 Mr.Deepak Mechatronics
10 Mr.Kalyanasundaram Mechatronics
11 Mr.Shameer Mechatronics
12 Dr.Athimoolam Mechanical
13 Mr.Naren Mechanical
14 Mr.Rajan Mechanical
15 Mr.Sudharsan ECE
16 Mr. Rajasekar ECE
17 Mrs. S.Jerina Begum IT
18 Mr.R.Vinoth IT
19 Mr.K.Maheshkumar Mechanical & Automation
20 Mr.A.Hariprakash Mechanical & Automation
21 Mr.A.Sam Daniel Fenny Mechanical & Automation
22 Mrs.Annapoorani EEE
23 Ms. Radhika Somakumar EEE
24 Mr.K.Aruloli EEE
25 Mr.K.Bogeshwaran Chemical Engineering
26 Mr.K.Kadambanathan Chemical Engineering
27 Mr.M.Balaji Chemical Engineering
28 Ms. C.D.Karthika Chemical Engineering

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