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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering is well equipped with modern class rooms for teaching & state of art laboratory facilities for practice.
  • A good mixture of well qualified and dedicated faculty members from various disciplines such as Thermal Science, Energy Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Plastic Technology, Industrial Engineering and Design Engineering are available in the department.
  • Department is rigorously motivating its faculty and students towards Research and Development in various existing potential regions which will be fruitful to the society.
  • Full fledged Research laboratory is established in the department for Research purpose. The Department has deployed one dedicated faculty member for the R & D purpose.

Class Rooms

Each class room is furnished with an Overhead Projector, LCD projector, and a Laptop to support the E-Learning process. The class rooms are Wi-Fi enabled to support the E-Learning.


Department Library is well established with large volume of books including both National and International authors.

Laboratory Facilities

Department has high ended modern equipments in laboratories such as

Laboratory Name
Modern Equipments
1 Engineering Practices Workshop Lathe
Arc welding & Gas welding equipment
Carpentry & Fitting power tools
2 Manufacturing Technology Capstat & Turrett Lathe
Milling Machine
Shapper & Slotter
Surface & Cylindrical Grinder
3 Fluid Mechanics Turbines-Kaplan, Francis, Pelton wheel
Gear pump
Centrifugal pump
Flow measurement set-up
4 Research Laboratory Two-stroke & Four-stroke petrol engine
Four-stroke Diesel engine
Boiler turbine set-up
Refrigeration & Air-conditioning testing set-up
5 Metrology & Measurements Profile projector
Sine bar
Vernier height gauge
Gear tooth vernier
6 Strength of Material UTM
Hardness tester-Brinell, Rockwell
Torsion Tester
Impact testing machine
7 Dynamics Vibration table set-up
Motorized Gyroscope
Governor-Watt, Porter, Proell
Cam Analyzer
Dynamics Balancing Machine
8 CAD and CAM Laboratory Modeling Software: AutoCAD, Solidworks
Anakysis Software: ANSYS, Matlab
CAM-CNC Power Turn & CNC Power mill
9 Mechatronics Laboratory Pneumatic & Hydraulic trainer kit
Electro-pneumatics trainer kit
Electro-PLC control kit
LABVIEW & Automation studio software
10 Metal Forming Laboratory Superplastic forming set up
Rolling Mill
Hydraulics Press
Water Hammer Equipment
11 Research Laboratory Bio-diesel Extractor
Gas Analyzer
Smoke Meter
Gas Calorimeter
Balm Calorimeter
Material Processing Jigs
Material Joining fixtures
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