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About ITSS

The world which spins at a rapid pace today needs an organized pattern, where time matters a lot! The need for working in an organized way, particularly for storing all relevant data, should be very ideal, fast and easily accessible.

The world of education is rapidly changing, so are the ways of imparting knowledge and the means of storing data in colleges have changed. The Information Technology has brought in refreshing changes which has stretched its wings further down the line capturing all fields.

Using online software is becoming a widely followed trend and has become almost mandatory in college/institutional functioning. Information Technology brings in glad tidings to College Management by introducing what they call as CMS.

ITSS has education's most flexible and interactive scheduling funcition, thus meeting the communication and information needs of the entire college community in real time. ACT has now implemented user-friendly Management System software so as to easily manage and cater to the needs of all departments & functions of whole college. This enables to easily manage students, teachers, staff and several other activities in your college. All the functions like students' enquiries, admissions, registrations, fees collections, timetable, library, attendance, payroll, examination, campus, and canteen can be fed in and can be retrieved any time at the click of the button. To maintain a good reputation of the college it is important that all information regarding students, their parents, teachers and staff is quickly available.

The ITSS provides students and parents infallible proof of all their activities, like attendance, performance, participations and general information that can be fed, maintained and when necessary the same data can be sent through sms to the parents to appraise them of all relevant information about their wards. This enriches both the parents and teachers with the required information.

All the email communication between ITSS and applicants with respect to change of schedules, modules, payments, new events and management information are integrated with Client's email gateway.

Through Integration of emails and SMS required information can be sent to parents and students. For this purpose Individual login for each student and Official E-Mail id for each student in the ACT.EDU.IN domain is created.

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