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Biomedical Engineering is that discipline which serves as the link between the complexities of technology and medicine. Both these fields – technology and medicine are relentlessly evolving thereby laying emphasis on the ever-increasing demand for biomedical engineering. Biomedical engineering applies the principles of engineering to improve the quality of life of those in need of medical care. From the pacemakers that help keep the rhythm of the human heart to the engineering that crafts the conservation of a newborn’s stem cells, there is no end to the possibilities that biomedical engineering offers in impacting life and healthcare.

This branch of biomedical engineering focuses on biomedicine, innovation and designing of biomaterials, rehabilitation engineering, developing methods and software tools through bioinformatics, tissue engineering, genetic engineering, innovation and designing of medical devices such as implants, medical imaging and bionics in replacing damaged parts of the human body.

Our under-graduate programme in Biomedical Engineering broadly aims at equipping the students to address medical and biological problems through the use of engineering principles and problem-solving techniques. This discipline equips the student to develop tools and techniques that will impact the research, diagnosis and treatment in addressing medical and biological problems.

Biomedical engineers are an integral part of any healthcare team. Their opportunities in the industry include but are not limited to imaging, optimal clinical laboratory design, sports medicine, automated patient monitoring, e-medicine and expert systems applications. Their scope also extends to the field of research or even in the government wherein they could establish safety standards and policies for medical devices and equipment. Study of this branch of engineering also creates entrepreneurs who support the ever increasing needs of supporting tools for medical diagnosis and biological supports.

Agni College of Technology is one of the top Biomedical engineering colleges in Chennai under Anna University.

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