Aerospace Engineering



Low and High Speed Aerodynamics Laboratory

The low speed wind tunnel is a closed-circuit, continuous flow type with a 100 horsepower variable frequency drive. The test section flow area is 0.6 x 0.9 meters (2 x 3 feet). The tunnel is capable of a maximum flow velocity of 50 meters per second. The tunnel is also equipped with a 3-component force balance, a multiplexed data acquisition system, and equipment for smoke visualization.

Structures Laboratory

To study the different load acting on the aircraft & aerospace structures.

Flight Systems Laboratory

To study different control and auxiliary systems of aircraft and maintenance activities.

Aerospace Propulsion Laboratory

To study the behavior and different properties of fluid flow through various ducts and engines.

CAD Laboratory & Computational Analysis Laboratory

To study various designing and analysis software for aircraft design

Avionics Laboratory

To study various avionics system and their data transfer technique in aircraft